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Personal Injury Settlement Administrators


When it comes to personal injury settlements, there are many hurdles that can undo the law firm’s efforts and open the door to future malpractice lawsuits. From high-dollar liens and Medicare Secondary Payer Act concerns to open bankruptcies and probate petitions, ARCHER works aggressively to resolve matters that may disrupt a settlement. Our attorneys, paralegals, and U.S.-based nurses are highly specialized in their respective areas of practice and are committed to producing the best results possible, allowing law firms to focus on the final resolution of their clients’ cases.

Personal Injury Rehab
Mass Torts

Personal Injury Services

  • Lien Resolution

    Personal injury claimants may require the resolution of healthcare liens in order to finalize their settlements. ARCHER’s lien experts are well-equipped to review and negotiate on behalf of your clients to favorably resolve their private insurer, government provider, or VA healthcare liens. Learn More

  • Special Needs Trusts

    Claimants receiving needs-based benefits may require a Special Needs Trust to protect their benefits eligibility while preserving their settlement proceeds. ARCHER has access to a national network of settlement consultants, trust companies, and elder law attorneys to ensure proper trust planning is executed as needed. Learn More

  • MSP Compliance and MSA Services

    Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) regulations continue to evolve. ARCHER’s team works closely with personal injury claimants to develop Medicare Set-Aside (MSA) arrangements that provide for future healthcare needs while also protecting Medicare’s interests. Learn More

  • National Bankruptcy Coordination

    If your client’s injury occurred before or during an open bankruptcy, then the settlement proceeds may be included as property of the bankruptcy estate. Our experienced bankruptcy attorneys help assess potential issues and when possible, coordinate the expedient resolution of bankruptcy matters. Learn More

  • Court Approval Coordination

    Certain types of settlements, including those for minors and incapacitated adults, may need to be probated before distribution of the proceeds. Our team has nationwide experts in state-specific probate requirements and helps properly coordinate the estate process. Learn More

  • Government Benefits Call Center

    ARCHER’s team understands how vital needs-based government benefits are for injured claimants. Our onsite government benefits call center team assists claimants with identifying potential issues and creating a plan for benefits preservation. Learn More

Case Results


    Original Lien: $808,001

    Reduced To: $0.00

    Savings to Client: $808,001


    Original Lien: $1,914,206

    Reduced to: $191,421

    Savings to Client: $1,722,785

  • Average savings of over 65% across all single event lien types

  • Single event lien reductions totaling over $34,980,300 and counting

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ARCHER supports top law firms across the country in resolving complex litigation and settlement issues. Our clients rely on us with confidence, knowing that by working with ARCHER, they’ve made the right choice. Click the links below to learn more.