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    Our skilled nurses are all U.S.-based and highly experienced in product, medical device, pharmaceutical liability, and other types of medical record review.
  • adaptable

    Avoid the hassle and expense of hiring and training staff for cyclical work. Our team is ready to handle matters of every size.

    Streamlined processes and consistent oversight ensure high quality, timely project completion and cost containment for you.

Class Action Medical Record Review Services

Our systems and expertise save your firm time, money, and hassle

What should you expect of your medical record review service?


  • No two projects are alike, and the process by which you gather information on your clients will set the stage for success (or otherwise). ARCHER takes a consultative approach to ensure the engagement meets your needs, including things like helping to advise on adjustments to your pre-screening process to improve the odds for viable and compensable cases down the road.


  • Attention to detail, quality control, and accuracy are paramount when the details are massive. We have a strict quality control process with senior nurse managers overseeing the accuracy and thoroughness of every single review.

Communication and Transparency

  • The last thing you want is for your administrator to function in a vacuum with little to no knowledge of what is happening with your cases. ARCHER delivers a clear scope of services upfront to include a timeline and associated costs (which can be project-based, hourly, etc. depending on your needs). We will provide proactive communications throughout the project so you always know where things stand.

Our veteran review team with strong clinical experience and knowledge of various specialties will review each claimant’s medical records with special attention to the following:

Summarize & Report Relevant Data Per Claimant

  • Demographic identification
  • Medical procedure data
  • Product ID
  • Significant procedures and surgeries, per relevant product

Prepare Breakdown & Overall Assessment by Qualified Category/Injury Level

  • Identify and assess relevant medical records
  • Organize, tab, bookmark, and highlight records
  • Describe the standard of care
  • Assess the severity of the injury
  • Determine case merit/valuation
  • Create all review documents and templates based on client needs/specifications

Report Detailed Data Per Claimant For Special Master Review & Allocation Consideration

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