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    Our specialists are well-versed in the procedures required to properly coordinate bankruptcy resolution in all jurisdictions.

    All stakeholders can rest assured that any bankruptcy issues impacting disbursement have been identified, thoroughly reviewed, and communicated to responsible parties.
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    ARCHER’s relationships with local counsel and trustees across the nation provide swift and accurate coordination when resolving bankruptcy matters.

National Bankruptcy Coordination For Class Actions

Uniquely qualified to coordinate bankruptcy issue resolution in all 50 states and U.S. territories

If a claimant’s injury occurred before filing bankruptcy or during an open bankruptcy, then there may be issues with disbursement of the settlement award.

ARCHER’s team of experienced bankruptcy attorneys and paralegals will assist you in coordinating the resolution of bankruptcy issues as mandated by the Master Settlement Agreement, defendant(s), and the bankruptcy court(s). Our comprehensive services include:

Streamlined Identification

  • ARCHER’s proprietary software allows us to quickly and accurately screen all mass tort claimants for bankruptcy filings that may affect disbursement. We also monitor claimants from initial screening through final disbursement to identify any new bankruptcy filings.

Full-Scale Bankruptcy Coordination

  • Our team manages every aspect of the bankruptcy coordination process from an initial scrub of the docket through the final release. By leveraging our strategic relationships with bankruptcy lawyers and trustees across the nation, ARCHER helps ensure proper compliance with applicable state laws and relevant filings.

Clearing Holds with the Defense Counsel

  • ARCHER provides plaintiff attorneys with everything necessary to request the clearing of disbursement holds, including thorough analysis, clearance documents, and relevant reports. Moreover, we offer dedicated support to law firms and claimants throughout the entire process.

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