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Class Action Settlement Administrators


Class action lawsuits require massive amounts of bandwidth, resources, and organization. From pre-settlement consultation to final disbursement, ARCHER’s customized approach is laser-focused on delivering accurate, transparent, and efficient results. Our accomplished team of attorneys and class action settlement experts are equipped to handle legal matters of any scale, and our technology and quality control systems ensure the best possible results for all involved.

What Is A Settlement Administrator?

A settlement administrator is a professional entity entrusted with managing the settlement process in lawsuits, particularly class actions. They handle crucial tasks such as validating claims, distributing settlement funds, and ensuring legal compliance. At ARCHER, our expertise and innovative systems contribute to an efficient, transparent, and accurate settlement process.

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Class Action Services


  • Claimant Communication Solutions

  • Medical Record Retrieval & Review

    Our systems are designed to save law firms time, money, and eliminate hassle. ARCHER’S U.S.-based nurses are highly experienced, meticulous, and dedicated to mass tort medical record review. Learn More

  • Claims Administration

    End-to-end claims administration increases law firms’ capacity with packet customization, highly trained onsite call center representatives, monitoring and reporting of threshold progress, and proactive follow-up campaigns. Learn More

  • Lien Resolution

    ARCHER proactively strategizes with litigation stakeholders to ensure that the Master Settlement Agreement offers agreeable terms for claimants with outstanding liens. Learn More

  • QSF Administration

    ARCHER’s attorneys, accountants, and court-approved administrators are highly skilled in every aspect of class action settlement administration. Our qualified settlement fund (QSF) experts assist law firms in resolving litigation and provide hands-on service to resolve each individual claim. Learn More


  • National Bankruptcy Coordination

    If a claimant’s claim occurred before or during an open bankruptcy, it could affect the settlement disbursement. ARCHER’s bankruptcy attorneys help identify and coordinate the resolution of bankruptcy issues nationwide with trustees, counsel, and claimants. Learn More

  • Court Approval Coordination

    Significant hurdles may result from issues related to minors, incapacitated adults, and decedents. ARCHER’s team has developed a deep knowledge of the probate court system on a state-by-state basis and has access to an extensive national network of local experts to assist in properly handling court approval. Learn More

  • Government Benefits Call Center

    Our dedicated call center team assists claimants with understanding, navigating, and preserving their needs-based government benefits prior to accepting settlement proceeds.­ Learn More

  • Allocation Neutral Services

    The use of a special master and allocation neutral services can tremendously streamline the class action settlement process. ARCHER’s proprietary allocation matrix software enables special masters with detailed insight to facilitate an objective, data-based decision-making process. Learn More

Case Results

  • Support for current litigation including, but not limited to 3M Ear Plugs, Johnson & Johnson talcum powder, water pollution cases, hernia mesh, IVC filters, Essure®, and proton pump inhibitors

  • Assistance on the nation’s most complex mass action settlement programs, including XARELTO®, transvaginal mesh, DuPont C8, GM ignition switch, ExxonMobile pollution, BENICAR®, GranuFlo, Testosterone Replacement Therapies, Pradaxa®, INVOKANA®, and many more

  • Involvement in more hip settlement programs than any other company in the industry, including Stryker Rejuvenate, DePuy Pinnacle, Wright Conserve, Zimmer, and more

  • Negotiation of more than 1,000,000 mass tort liens for 500,000+ claimants

  • More than $5 Billion in QSF deposits under administration

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