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Mass Tort Settlement Administration


Each mass tort is unique. The nation’s leading law firms count on ARCHER’s extensive suite of services and proprietary technology to administer a seamless process from start to finish.

Wha is a mass tort?

A mass tort is an act or omission that harms or injures numerous people. A mass tort settlement type of civil action involving numerous plaintiffs with similar claims against one or a few defendants in federal court.

As a nationally recognized lien resolution expert, we have worked with Medicare on virtually every iteration of group resolution modeling while administering multiple concurrent private lien resolution programs.

ARCHER has been the exclusive lien resolution administrator for many high-profile complex mass tort settlement programs including, but not limited to:

  • GranuFlo®
  • Wright Hip
  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy

A smooth handoff from the lien resolution administrator to the QSF administrator is paramount to stakeholders receiving expedient and accurate payments. Unlike providers who offer a limited scope of services, ARCHER’s unified database facilitates communication across our mass tort business units, ensuring an effortless delivery of critical information. Our superior client care and ability to quickly adapt to the nuances of each case will help ensure an efficient resolution to your firm’s mass tort cases.

Contact the professionals at ARCHER today to learn more about mass tort settlement administration.

Mass Torts

Mass Tort Services

From Pre to post malone
  • Medical Record Review & Retrieval

    Our systems are designed to save law firms time, money, and hassle. ARCHER’s U.S.-based nurses are among the leading experts in mass tort medical record review. Learn More



  • Claims Administration

    ARCHER helps law firms increase their bandwidth, utilizing packet customization, highly trained onsite call center representatives, monitoring and timely reporting of threshold progress, and proactive attention to deadlines. Learn More

  • Lien Resolution

    ARCHER strategizes with litigation stakeholders as early as possible to resolve outstanding liens and ensure that the Master Settlement Agreement incorporates favorable lien terms for every claimant. Learn More

  • QSF Administration

    ARCHER’s attorneys, accountants, and court-approved settlement administrators are highly skilled at efficiently resolving mass tort settlements. Our Qualified Settlement Funds (QSFs) provide the flexibility to address individual claimants’ needs without delaying resolution for the remaining claimants. Learn More

  • MDL Vision Database

  • National Bankruptcy Coordination

    Claimants with open bankruptcy proceedings may have their disbursements negatively impacted without the proper assistance. ARCHER’s bankruptcy attorneys help law firms identify potential issues and coordinate the resolution of bankruptcy matters. Learn More

  • Court Approval Coordination

    ARCHER’s team acutely understands state-by-state probate system requirements. With access to a nationwide network of local experts, we have the resources to assist with court approval for cases involving minors, incapacitated adults, and any other decedents whose settlements may need to be probated. Learn More

  • MSP Compliance and MSA Services

    When it comes to Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) compliance, law firms can’t afford to cut corners. Our MSP experts manage risks associated with protecting Medicare’s interests while simultaneously offering valuable Medicare Set-Aside (MSA) services. Learn More

  • Government Benefits Call Center

    Important questions require expert answers. Our dedicated, onsite government benefits call center helps claimants navigate and preserve their needs-based government benefits. Learn More

  • Allocation Neutral Services

    Fair and equitable allocations are the core of mass tort settlements. While ARCHER provides allocation neutral services for inventory matters, our primary focus is enabling the efficacy of special masters with our proprietary allocation matrix software. Learn More

Case Results

  • Support for current litigation including, but not limited to 3M Ear Plugs, Johnson & Johnson talcum powder, water pollution cases, hernia mesh, IVC filters, Essure®, and proton pump inhibitors

  • Assistance on the nation’s most complex mass action settlement programs, including XARELTO®, transvaginal mesh, DuPont C8, GM ignition switch, ExxonMobile pollution, BENICAR®, GranuFlo, Testosterone Replacement Therapies, Pradaxa®, INVOKANA®, and many more

  • Involvement in more hip settlement programs than any other company in the industry, including Stryker Rejuvenate, DePuy Pinnacle, Wright Conserve, Zimmer, and more

  • Negotiation of more than 1,000,000 mass tort liens for 500,000+ claimants

  • More than $5 Billion in QSF deposits under administration

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