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    ARCHER will ensure your clients are in-the-know through every step of the litigation.

    We work as an extension of your firm, helping you build and maintain trust through transparency and connection.

    ARCHER will assist in setting clear expectations up front and providing ongoing, informative updates for your clients.



The importance of clear and effective communication with clients is not always top of mind when it comes to mass tort litigation. Not only does every stage of a client journey require myriad communications with each individual claimant, but each stage of the journey creates an OPPORTUNITY for your firm to engage your clients to create a successful client relationship with satisfied customers. Proactive communications can result in significant time/cost savings for your firm, ensuring fewer resources are needed to handle individual incoming client inquiries.

Having clients “in the know” will result in better reviews for your firm, more referrals from satisfied clients, more professional interactions if/when other firms are involved in your clients’ cases and streamlined processing of claims upon settlement.

ARCHER has a team of communications, marketing, and public relations experts dedicated to helping your clients understand the unique process of an individual mass tort. We work as an extension of your firm, helping to set expectations up front, communicate important information as the matter progresses, include needed interactive pieces (such as forms, documents, etc. that are required of the claimants) when applicable, and ensure your clients feel respected and important throughout the process.

We communicate not with legalese, but in a manner that your clients can understand and appreciate. ARCHER can even provide white-labeled call center, text, and mail-room services (supported by pre-approved firm scripts) to alleviate the stress of incoming claimant inquiries on your staff.

Sample Communication Services:

  • Matter-specific information portals and websites
  • Instructional videos, guides, and infographics
  • Newsletters, status updates, town halls, press releases
  • Call center, email and text message campaigns, mail center, etc.

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