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    ARCHER’s proprietary allocation matrix software delivers unprecedented visibility into real-time data.

    Whether a small inventory settlement or a large global settlement with a renowned Special Master, our systems will help accomplish the best outcome.

    Unparalleled analytics gives special masters and law firms powerful decision-making capabilities.

CLASS ACTIONS Allocation Neutral Services

Enabling special masters and law firms to make equitable, transparent decisions

The use of a special master and allocation neutral services can tremendously streamline the litigation process. ARCHER has extensive experience delivering clear and concise results to a range of settlement programs. From a highly intricate global program with a renowned special master to a smaller inventory settlement, we believe that all settlements require a thorough allocation methodology.

ARCHER’s proprietary allocation matrix software provides real-time updates on any modifications to the injury categories, enabling a clear view of the implications on other categories. Our software also incorporates the Master Settlement Agreement terms and conditions and a range of other relevant factors to create a comprehensive picture of the allocation breakdown. As a result, all stakeholders can feel confident that settlement awards are assigned objectively using timely and accurate data.

While ARCHER is able to provide allocation neutral services for inventory matters, we specialize in enabling leading special masters with our proprietary software, delivering unparalleled insight and decision-making power for the allocation matrix.

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